Friday, March 20, 2009

Why #7: Betsey Breakdown


Why do bad things happen to beautiful purses?

I purchased this gorgeous gem on February 16. Immediately fell in love with this quilted black bag with gold bow adornments. The bag became my constant companion. Imagine my joy, when packing for Florida I realized this bag had it all, it was big enough to be both purse AND carry-on (ie. holder of my normal slew of purse necessities as well as 1 book (in case people watching gets boring), 1 magazine (for in-flight entertainment) and 1 snack (gummies are my go-to travel snack). Me and bag made it safely to Florida to bask in the sunny rays of Orlando. Normally I wouldn't consider carrying a black bag in Florida, but my love was so great, I could not be separated from bag. And on Day #2 the horror of horrors was discovered. Bag was very badly injured. The braided handle had come undone. So unsightly and so wrong.

MA* was by my side to talk me down from the ledge, but I felt panic rising. MA* wisely pointed out that any leathersmith (apparently these still exist) could fix the handle. But it was too late, it would be like the couple you KNOW is going to get divorced trying a couples counselor first. What we had together was broken. So with a heavy heart I contacted the Betsey Johnson customer support center. My hope against hope was that they would send me a new bag (one that had not broken, and broken my heart). But my fear was real, what if there is only one great love (bag) for all of us (and I happen to know I got the LAST bag available online). How could something that started with such promise, end after just a few weeks? And like an errant lover, the Betsey people emailed me back and told me to call them. Already giving me the run-around? So I called them, they told me they needed to speak with CORPORATE (perhaps Betsey herself?) before they could approve a return or exchange, and that they would call me back TODAY.

So tonight I wait by the phone, hoping to get a call, but deep down knowing that I broke the RULES... you should wait more than 3 weeks to take a new purse or a new boy on vacation with you.


Mary Ann* said...

This is your best blog yet!

I hope against hope that Betsey can help you out. I checked my store, they are all out, but I will be making a daily lunch break stop-in to check on potential (never used) returns or warehouse box discoveries.

The 3 week rule is killer. If I had bought that Coach beauty, I would have done the immediate (and very embarrassing) outside the store switchover. I understand your immediate love for the bag, and am holding out hope that one of our customer service issues is resolved!

Matthew said...

This breaks my heart. I loved this bag almost as much as you... I can't imagine what you are going through.

Leah said...

Well....what happened??? Did they call you back?

Lindsey said...

betsey is not returning my calls, painful. i need to call them again but my broken heart just hasn't been up for it.

Vicki T said...

Very sad :( but I enjoy all the SATC references :)

Lindsey said...

betsey update: I can send in the purse and they will give me an online credit. not sure what i will do with it. perhaps select a new and sturdier purse? or maybe just buy gobs of tacky jewelry to add to my already overflowing supply of tacky jewels (love me some glitter and gold!)