Friday, March 6, 2009

Why #3: The Karate Kid


Why is the Karate Kid being remade with Will Smith's son Jaden Smith as Daniel-san?

Is no movie sacred? Am I meant to accept the fact that I am so old the original version of something is no longer good enough for today's youth.

They've already "modernized" Strawberry Shortcake (a crime), they've re-created 90210 (I will admit I am a fan), but seriously when will this stop?

I am all about embracing the best of our past, but can't these things be embraced without changing them, or at least without the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's son being involved?

"Yo, homes smell ya later!"


Anonymous said...


i thought Naw, forget yo home to bel air

Matthew said...

i want someone to karate kid jaden smith (and the rest of the smith clan) right in the face! :)

Katie said...

Lindsey, I just literally peed my pants laughing. Did you really write "yo homes smell ya later" on your blog? oh. my. god.