Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why #5: Wardrobe Malfunctions


Why do you never realize how fatally flawed your outfit is until you step out in public?

I've spent many a morning in my apartment, running around for 20,30, 40 minutes in an outfit that seems to fit well and look professional.

I walk to my car, I drive to work and the minute I exit my car in the parking lot I realize I've got a major wardrobe malfunction... the pants are too tight, the unders are creeping, the shirt is transparent (and I'm wearing a neon pink bra).

Why don't I notice these things BEFORE starting my 8 hour work day in a very public setting. There is no hiding behind an office door or remaining in my desk chair (to keep people from seeing the gaping hole in the back pocket of my khakis, oops!). I am up and about and underneath the brutal glow of fluorescent lighting all day. And the mistakes I unknowingly made when getting dressed in the comfort of my apartment are tragically on display for all to see. Hopefully next time I'll remember to look in the mirror before spending the day having people look at my vpl.


Emily Holcombe said...

dear god, what lead to this? what is today's tragic outfit?

i am actually rocking the armpit hole today. thought i looked all cute and put together, and then got to my office and started playing with my hair. my windows, which are reflective mirrors from the inside (VERY distracting), quickly revealed the quarter sized armpit hole i've been flashing around.

and my shirt is charcoal and my skin is translucent, so its not like it's NOT noticeable. classy!

Mary Ann* said...

I am scared for you. What is the vpl?

I make the mistake of thinking I look cute, then come to work where I am surrounded by size 0 models and rack upon rack of potentially MUCH better looking outfits. I always feel drab and unfashionable. Tragic!

And Holcs, I rocked an armpit hole just yesterday :)