Monday, March 2, 2009

Why #1: String Cheese


Why does the Sargento string cheese commercial show the girl BITING into the STRING cheese?

Isn't the entire point of string cheese the stringiness factor?

If I want a cheese cube, I'll get a cheese cube.

This makes me question the entire validity of the Sargento company and when I am standing in the store with a $$$6.00 bag of string cheese in my hand I will be sure NOT to give my dollars to "bite into me like a sausage link" Sargento.


- Emily Holcombe - said...

Welcome back to the blogging world, Linds! This blog topic feels very Blake-like. A blog to complain about your surroundings? I like it:)

- Emily Holcombe - said...

wow. you need to change to pop-up comments. i just had to do like ten different things just to get cleared to comment!

Blake said...

I already asked her if I could be a guest commenter! She said yes. Also Lindsey, the deep purple on black is hard to read.

Mary Ann* said...

I love this blog already.

You know what else I love? The DVR. Which leads to MY first 'why' -- WHY are you watching commercials at all!? Or did you notice the cheese chomp at a 3x fast forward?

Casey said...

This is the only way I eat it now - against the grain of thousands of tiny cheese strings adds an interesting texture.

CouponNerd said...

Maybe your string cheese wouldn't bother you as much if you didn't pay $6 for a package. Come to my coupon blog and learn how to get string cheese for cheap, or FREE!!

have a great day!

Lindsey said...

after a conclusive study, of the 4 people that read my blog, this has actually emerged as a gender difference. all the guys I know bite into the cheese, all the ladies use the proper "stringing" method. pretty sure this would make an excellent psychology thesis topic,but for now I will conclude that the Sargento commercial was a man.