Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why #6: Cincinnati Concert Schedule


Why are no good concerts coming to Cincinnati this summer?

Is it because artists don't want to deal with Riverbend and all the mud, drunk teens, Roman statues (why Riverbend. why?) and occasional river stench?

Surely those things are par for the course at most concert venues (well probably not those weird statues).

But something must be up, even artists who have sold out shows for years aren't coming to Rbend this summer (please Kenny, come back to us!).

So it looks like the Bootscootin' Babes will have to pack up our mid-size sedans (oh how I wish I owned a pick-up) and travel to and fro to get our country music fix.

Hopefully next summer will bring us back to the mud, drunk teens, and Rome inspired decor of the Riverbend lawn.


Lindsey said...

p.s. I stared at the pic of Riverbend for way too long thinking how messed up it was because it was showing all that green grass that does not exist. Then I realized that is the lawn, usually covered by a crowd of thousands of country lovin' fans.

Leah said...

The photo does look very picture-esque - not quite the reality once you are there. We might go to 311 again this summer. if you want to get high off 2nd hand smoke, please join us!