Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why #16: Facebook


Why is facebook so... fake?

Sure, facebook is great if life is going well. You just got engaged? You will be congratulated by the kid that set next to you in High School Chem lab. Promotion at work? Cheers to you from the guy that dated that girl that you kind of knew in college. But when the going is rough you had better not even think to mention it on fbook. The slightest sign of a bad day, depression, or broken heart and you are sure to receive a million posts checking in to make sure you are okay. Now remember the people checking in are all probably people you haven't actually spoken to or seen in at least 5-10 years. But still, they really care. And if this if what cheers you up, then just go right along posting on your wall about your bad hair day.

But what I would really like is a Lifebook. A place I could post a comment about a new hideously depressing song lyric I can't get out of my head ("you don't have to drag me down, i descend.") or some really morbid thought of the day. And instead of getting a cheery response to let me know they LUV me or I should try to LOL today, maybe people could write back with their own favorite depression song.

The thing is, your real friends know you. I am pretty sure if Em or MA* saw a status like "Lindsey is watching "A Walk to Remember" with a bottle of red and a box of razor blades" they would know that I was not seriously depressed, just seriously in need of a night wallowing in a little sadness. But you can't put that kind of stuff on fbook. The next thing I know my aunts, cousins, and godmother (how did this happen, why are my family members on fbook?) would all be calling a hotline and signing me up for counseling.

So I guess the story is, on Facebook I put my best self forward. Lindsey is shopping/boot-stomping/loving life. And on my blog, I am putting my whole self forward.

Lindsey is shopping (new sephora purchase she can't afford/boot-stomping (keith urban fri and shawn colvin sat (sunny came home ))/loving life(but missing miss sugar bean something awful).


Mary Ann* said...

Dying laughing at WTR, a bottle of red, and a box of razor blades. Such an appropriate (and completely understandable) status.

As always, your observations are spot-on. One time, I almost had a head-on collision, and "Mary Ann* [was] lucky to alive, no thanks to some drunk asshole!". Donna posts a COMMENT asking if I am ok, then peppers my cell consistently with texts/emails/voicemails. I had to talk to her directly to explain that if I was in the ER, she would receive a phone call before she would see a status update.

Blogs are here to journal the darkest of days and the happiest of little moments, shared with only... well, all of cyberspace. But really only the 3 you know are checking your blog multi times daily.

Keep boot-stomping, send me deets on that Sephora purch, and remember all the love shared with little bean.

Real x's and o's from a (proud to be) real friend :) love you lady!

Emily Malone said...

oh my god i cannot belive how hard that just made me laugh. who DOESN'T watch WTR with razor blades? MA - can I get an Only Hope first dance?? :)

Seriously Linds, so funny but also soooo true. And you didn't even dive into all the side gossip it all promotes. Someone changes their status and next thing you know I have messages in my inbox all "omg did you see so and so went to "in a relationship" - what's THAT all about".

From the girl who made a CD and titled it "Songs to Slit Your Wrists to", please always feel free to share a depressing song lyrics, and while you're at it, burn me a copy.

And while I'm at it...

Keith Urban - thumbs up cowgirl.
Shawn Colvin - who are you?

I miss the bean too:(

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey!

OK, so the reason I am actually reading your blog is to find a way to tell you that is the coolest thing ever: you told me about it at Em's wedding. So THANKS!

But your most recent post puts me in mind of something Joni Mitchell says: she puts her saddest self into her songs, and her happiest self into her paintings. I'm sure she said it more eloquently than that.

Thanks -
- Em's cousin Sarah-in-Vermont

Tracy said...

Ah certainly can't take itself too seriously...although I have had fun reconnecting with people from my really hasn't replaced my personal relationships...although I wonder if for others it does. You are too funny! Keep it up!