Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why #18: Car Door Denters

*Why #18 is brought to you by the amazingly wonderful Guest Blogger Jeanne*

Why do people park so close to you and then slam their car doors into your car? Is there a rhyme or a reason? Or are people too lazy and un-observant to see that your car, the one that you pay tons of money for, is sitting right there? Not only is this happening all over, it is happening when you park your car FAR away so this doesn't happen, and then that one person parks next to you in a lot that has a MILLION other spaces and still hits your door.
I mean is respect something of the past. If so watch out here comes my door!

***Jeanne, I found this website that sells Car Door Defenders (see the black bumpers attached to the silver car). Sure you would be the weirdo who drives around with bumpers on your car, but at least the doors would be ding free! Thanks for Guest Blogging!


Matthew said...

i'm not going to lie... this is a HUGE fear of mine. i just assume someone is going to bang their door into the side of my car. the strange thing is... i don't really care if they do. i mean, what is one more ding on the lego really going to harm? it is just the realization that each time it happens my respect for humanity (as if i have any left) dies a little more.

and, those door bumpers are actually kind of cute. can i get them in different colors? hot pink... rainbow...

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Well, the times I've thought about dinging someone's door have been when THEY park way over the line. A bad park job ALMOST ALWAYS results in someone dinging your door. And maybe it's on purpose, and maybe it's not.

Matthew said...


WHY aren't you blogging?

Jen Lilley said...

why doesn't lindsey ask why anymore??

Guns N' Roses said...

Looking for new ways and destination.