Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why #14: Healthcare for ONE


Why doesn't my healthcare plan cover me for special "singles" services?

Last week I was stricken with a horrible flu. I actually think I might be a swine survivor, but I'll leave that post for another day. Anyway, I was horribly ill. Nausea, chills, aches, pains. You know, the flu. I was sick, miserable and lacked any amount of energy. I love Miss Sugar Bean, but she can't exactly run down to the corner and pick up some OJ and saltines. So, why doesn't my healthcare plan offer some special services for single people?

I'm not asking for much. Really just an errand boy. Some hotline that I could call up, request a delivery of Tylenol Flu, popsicles and 30 Rock Season 2 on dvd. Or, if things got really bad, someone to drive me to the doctor or Urgent Care. I've seen the price points, the rates for health insurance for a single vs. a family are not that significant. I pay out each month to my health insurance, and then when I get sick, I have no way of actually getting to the doctor. Just doesn't seem right to me. The family plan covers Mom, Dad and the kids. I'm sure the average family makes multiple trips a year to the ol' MD. I'm paying almost the same amount and the closest I come to the doctor is watching ER repeats. Sure I can call friends and family and ask for their help, but why should I have to when I am paying Anthem a big chunk of my paycheck to take care of my healthcare needs?

So what if my needs boil down to a box of popsicles when the flu hits? What's the deductible on that?


Matthew said...

Why is there no Why #13?

And, I'll be your errand boy. I remember when I was sick... I just sat in my house licking the air due to lack of food and an inability to drive.

We can be each others health plan?

Emily Holcombe said...

I definitely remember making many harassing phone calls and offers for chicken soup, fizzy drinks, and endless jell-o deliveries, all of which were rejected. And I have certainly proven myself with trips to the urgent care, even though I had to drag you there kicking and screaming after three days of an ignored broken bone:)

I think the answer to this WHY is that you have to recognize that you are not an inconvenience, and that your family and friends love you and want to help, single or not. Perhaps I am just needy, but even having Casey, I still expect my friends and mom to cater to my every need when I'm down and out.

Next time I'm showing up with the soup - whether you want it or not! :)

Mary Ann* said...

Why did this post just show up? I check your blog multi times daily, but just got this april 23rd post today! So weird.

I can't believe how much you are paying for healthcare! I pay next to nothing, and it is about an eighth of what someone married with 3 kids pays. Move to Florida...?

Agreed that seasons of great tv and popsicles are sickness staples. Perhaps some sort of Meals on Wheels for sickies?