Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why #11: Copycat Shoppers


Why are some people copycat shoppers?

Friday night I was doing the mega-shop for Emily's bridal shower. This involved several hours of me wandering each and every aisle of Kroger in search of unusual food products. My normal grocery list involves a quick stop in the cracker aisle for low-fat wheat thins, a twirl through produce for fruit and veggies (which i always over buy and end up throwing away), a dash into wine for a bottle of yellowtail and depending on how bad the day was, a possible foray into the CHEESE section. So, I was really discovering some new areas of Kroger. The Latino food section (a pointless search for passion fruit nectar); the specialized cheese area (I actually had to TALK to a lady in the white paper suit); and the frozen pastry aisle (who knew you could buy pre-made mini phyllo cups?).

Not only was I discovering new foods, I was also discovering a new horrid shopping habit. The copycat shopper.

It was around the frozen pastry that I encountered my first copycat shopper. As I stood in front of the various frozen food products I was deep in concentration. What would make the best mini fruit tart for Bride-to-be Emily? It was at this point I realized a woman was hovering over my shoulder. How is it possible that someone else was also in need of these frozen delicacies. Well, it turns out she wasn't. She just wanted to know what I was looking at. I moved aside to let her grab what it seemed she so urgently needed. She just stood there and then walked away. Umm, annoying!

I moved on to the next aisle. Just indulging my curiosity in the available frozen appetizers. Same thing happened. An insane hoverer who didn't actually want anything. So then I moved on to veggie dips. And once again got hit by a crazy old lady all up in my dip business. I stifled my rage and tried to figure out what was wrong with these people. And I think I've got it. It is like when people drive past a train wreck and have to stop and look. I think when I show interest in something (and believe me people I was looking very interested) the other shoppers wanted to know what I thought was so captivating.

Next time you are shopping see if it happens to you.


Mary Ann* said...

Go easy on google images. WTF is that pic supposed to represent? It looks like a candid shot of someone karaoking (?) 'Stop: In the Name of Love'.
But, I totally agree with the creeper shoppers. It is even more horrible when I go out coupon brigading with ad flyer in hand. It's like they think I know exactly where all the good deals are (although today, did score 2 boxes of Fiber One for a mere $3.29). Get out of my space, please!
The WORST is markdown day at ANY retail job I have had. As soon as someone sees me with a rolling rack and a red pen, forget it. They are ONLY interested in what is happening within 5 feet of me at all times. Check the website, sheesh!

Emily Holcombe said...

i think i might BE a copycat shopper...


the worst is (like MA said) at clothing stores, especially if i see someone that i think is my same size hovering near something that looks cute. i instantly decide she is going to steal the LAST ONE of my size, and start clucking like a chicken all around her.

(more shame)

Lindsey said...

ma*, clearly the pic is saying "wtf, step off my pastry cups B". until i get my reality photog crew trailing my every step i have to settle for google images.

em, you have opened my eyes, i guess i am a copycat shopper as well, but only when it comes to limited quantities of precious anthro duds, not the 7th to last package of frozen b.berries at kroger. no shame for you!