Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why #17: Lame Concert Crowds


Why are some people that go to concerts so lame? And not only lame, but nasty and bossy and absolutely convinced that NO ONE should be standing, dancing, or singing along?

In my opinion each and every person should be boot-stomping their music loving hearts out. I have been to far too many concerts surrounded by seated silent types. Are they even enjoying the music? I doubt it, because the minute you stand up to feel the rhythm of the beat, these people are tapping me on the shoulder and telling me to sit down because they can't see. Well too bad lazy pants. You and I paid the same for our ticket, if you want to see you can stand up behind me. Try it, you might actually have a little fun at this concert.

This is a problem that I face with each summer music season. And you really can't win. If you get lawn tickets you know everyone will be standing and dancing. But they will also be super drunk, peeing on your boots, and having drunken screaming fights with their boyfriend during Tim McGraw's "Letters to Home." If you get super expensive tickets in the front of the arena you will be seated with rich families who probably got the tickets through their dad's work. The kids might know the 2 most popular radio songs, the dad won't know any, and the mom will just be a b. Let me tell you, these people will not be standing, despite the fact that Kenny Chesney is mere feet in front of them. And they will NOT appreciate when you get bumped by the drunk cowboy behind you and accidentally spill some beer on the mom's Prada purse during "Poets and Pirates."

So what's a cowgirl to do? Get there early, establish a strict STANDING ONLY policy, and throw death glares at anyone who even mutters the words can't see or sit down.


Tracy said...

Ah...I am amazed as well at the amount of people who want me to sit at a concert. Turns out I WON'T! Last time I went to a concert was Madonna in Chicago and I drove from Cincinnati to Chicago and paid top dollar to see her...I was NOT going to be told by a group of boys younger than I that I needed to sit down...who cares that I was in the nosebleed seats...I came to dance and sing along...I told him way...I drove 5 hours to get to this concert and I am not (explicative) sitting down...and I have done the same for Sarah, Dixie Chicks, and many others. Those sitters can just look at my butt all night! I REFUSE to sit!

Mary Ann* said...

I am dying at the church rowd pic. Even they stand during the singing part! (I mean, it's been a while since I've been to church, but I distinctly remember STANDING and singing).

The lawn can be so great and fun -- if you are drinking and it's an artist you have lukewarm feelings about. But your point is spot on -- don't you dare have a screaming fit when I am straining to see (and hear) every nuance in Urban's ballads.

Your course of action is perfect! And if anyone tries to tell me to sit down, they will get an authentic Justin boot heel to the face.

Jeanne said...

I feel your pain. Two weeks ago I saw the great Jimmy Buffet. Lucky me, seat upgrades...unlucky people behind me...for I stood the whole time. Who doesn't stand up to sing lets get drunk and screw?? I mean really people...