Monday, April 13, 2009

Why #12: Supreme Master TV


Why is Supreme Master TV a major component of Cincinnati's latest vegan restaurant?

Don't vegans get a bad enough wrap as it is? What do you mean you don't eat meat, cheese, eggs??? So, what you're like a vegetarian then? A vegan? A what???

One of my favorite vegans, Matthew, is constantly answering these questions. And in a city like Cincinnati, his vegan food options are seriously limited. So imagine our delight when we heard about a new vegan restaurant in Pleasant Ridge. I quickly organized a double "date" with the ever less-meat-eating Emily and Casey for this "good" Friday (aka: a day all 4 of us didn't have to work, woohoo!). We planned to meet at the newly opened Loving Cafe for a little vegan lunch.

The first sign of trouble was a HUGE framed picture of the Supreme Master (see photo above) super-imposed into some sort of zen garden of Wizard of Oz like technicolor dimensions. Creeeepy.

But this I could get past, the food looked amazing. After being told I was getting a real treat by getting to drink out of a compost straw (basically like sucking through a soggy cardboard box) I started to get a little more nervous.

We made our way into the main dining area to await our food. And here we were greeted by a massive TV playing, you guessed it, Supreme TV. In a place devoted to veganism, environmentalism and zen-like tranquility, I was a bit surprised to discover I was meant to enjoy my meal with a background booming with the sounds and sights (all terrifying) of Supreme TV. We couldn't figure out what message the Supreme Master TV was trying to tell us. There were some scenes with an airplane, busy city streets, and what looked like a washed-up American newscaster speaking to us in closed captioning. Seriously, beyond frightening.

The food was delicious. Perhaps the result of being blessed by the Supreme Master? But of course this leads me to ask why. Why can't a nice vegan restaurant open in Cincinnati? A place with great food and an atmosphere that doesn't make me think... the Master is watching...

You better believe we spent at least 10 minutes making sure we properly recycled/composted/environmentally discarded our dishes at the end of the meal. If you are looking for a nice vegan meal OR an alternative spiritual awareness, Loving Cafe is the place for you.

...And I am sleeping with one eye open tonight.


Matthew said...

Oh how I love you for all of this!, my verification code in order to leave this comment is 'props.' as in... 'i give you props for this post.'

Casey Malone, ASA, CERA, MAAA said...

And who is the Supreme Master talking to on her RAZR? The expression on her face seems more like she's checking an amusing voicemail. Do deities have voicemail?

Mary Ann* said...

Ted's Montana Grill has those horrible recycled straws. I haaaaate them. Sure, they're enviro-friendly, but I go through about 3 per one glass of iced tea. Soggy city!

Emily Holcombe said...

How about all the pamphlets and books with the Master's prophecy? Or the WHITE VAN with her message emblazoned parked out back? Where do they take that thing? Are there Supreme Master conventions?

Maybe the Supreme Master herself was in that scary "community room" out back watching a live stream of the recycling/composting process?

Regardless, the food was delish. I just hope they don't have my picture posted behind the counter after that noodle-flinging onto the centerpiece incident - whoops!

Eve said...

What we have here friends, is a case of "Which came first... the (veggie) Chicken or the (tofu) Egg?"

Is this a vegan cafe that just happens to like an obscure spiritual television station? Or did the station somehow beget the creation of the vegan cafe?

You guessed it! The Loving Cafe was created in response to the message and mission of Supreme Master Television, which happens to also be the message of vegans worldwide: we must work together to promote the plant based diet in order to see ourselves safely into the next century..(or decade as it were...)

I'm not the owner, but do volunteer for the cafe from time to time... things like: errands, cookies, my opinion... :) and I am sure that your observations and patronage are valued as are your efforts in sharing the vegan diet with friends!

You are right about a few things: the loving ("blessed") atmosphere does make the food taste good, and for those looking for an alternative spiritual awareness, there's much more nourishment here than can be contained within the delicate spring rolls!

Thanks so much for your post and for the honest feedback, I'll try to suggest some better eco-drinking straws.

Also, if you'd like to know of another option for vegan's dining out: check out Green Earth Grill (street vendor cart) debuting on Earth Day at Sawyer Point and stationed at Findlay Market for the summer weekends, ask for Eve!

BS said...

Can anyone say cult?

I'd also like everyone to ponder, and then have Eve explain, the message of vegans worldwide: we must work together to promote the plant based diet in order to see ourselves safely into the next century..(or decade as it were...)

Is the message that a meat based diet is unsafe and/or unsustainable?

First MA with Code Pink, now this....erg.

Eve said...

Hi BS, Thanks for asking.

Actually the message is becoming clear from all sources: scientists, environmentalist, health professionals, etc. that our current dietary habits are the primary cause of many conditions that threaten our health and safety such as cancer, heart disease, world hunger, water shortage, pollution, and most urgently: climate change.

That's what I meant my comment that you pasted. There is a mounting wealth of research available on the subject, some facts I'll list for you here:

It takes 16 lbs of grain and over 5,000 gallons of water to produce just 1 lb of beef. That's only 4 hamburgers.

923 million people go to bed hungry each night. The grain we currently feed to livestock only could feed 2 billion people.

Recently, 1500 farmers in India committed suicide due to lack of water for their crops and seeing that as the only option to escape mounting debt.

California is experiencing the worst drought in record history, the state supplies 50% of our countries fruit and vegetables. People are rationing daily water usage, like not taking showers or watering the garden. But, you could not shower for six whole months and still not save as much water as forgoing 4 hamburgers!

UN now reports that meat and dairy raising is the number one cause of global warming, here's why: millions of tons of manure and animal waste are produced from the 10 billion (that's right) animals slaughtered each year for human consumption. These waste fields emit massive quantities of methane and nitris oxide. Methane and Nitris Oxide are estimated to be 20 and 200 times (respectively) more potent at warming the atmosphere than carbon and leave the atmosphere much quicker (in only 8-12 years as opposed to 10,000 years for carbon dioxide). This means that if we stop contributing these gasses to the environment then we will see the cooling effect relatively soon.

However, Rajendra Pachari of the UNIPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and Dr. James Hansen, top climate scientist as NASA have stated clearly that the polar ice caps that act as reflectors to 70% of the suns radiation from heating our oceans, are melting at an alarming rate, with the North Pole expected to be completely ice free by this summer!! Of course it will refreeze some in the winter, but the new ice is not thick enough to last long.

What's wrong with warmer oceans? As the oceans have already warmed just a few degrees we are seeing globally record number of hurricanes, floods and sea level rising (which is displacing hundreds of thousands of people already.. their calling them "environmental refugees"). Warm oceans cause more water to be evaporated causing changing weather patterns and natural disasters.

Also, the melting ice changes the pressure on the poles and causes earthquakes worldwide and even some earthquakes and tsunamis.

(If you think I'm paranoid or making this up, just google it or check the international news. American media doesn't report on it much... a whole other issue altogether.)

So, there's natural disasters, environmental refugees, water shortage in our own country, world hunger, epidemic of fatal disease in developed countries (cancer and heart disease are the biggest killers which doctors are finally admitting comes from eating meat and dairy) but of course it's not just human health at threat. It's human existence.

That's right. If telling the truth because I want to ensure we all survive together makes me cultish, then I'll wear my label with pride.

As you can imagine it's not an original insult to me, actually I don't mind at all because I'm not alone in spreading the facts to those who really want to know.

If anyone is concerned about the affects of climate change on our planet.. just be vegan. It's the single most effective thing you can do.

Email me directly with any more questions if you like:

Thanks BS, have a great day!

eve said...

I just wanted to add that the facts listed above are the reason that my friends and I are mobilizing to provide vegan options for people who want to help themselves and humanity. Loving Cafe and Green Earth Grill (opened yesterday!) were founded on true concern for the welfare of others: you, starving children in Africa, polar bear cubs suffocating in collapsed dens... all living beings will suffer at the hand of climate change if we don't act boldly and swiftly to stop it.

Thanks for listening to the sad facts, sometimes the truth isn't very uplifting.

The answer is simple though, vegan diet. Even driving a prius won't have much effect unless it runs for 10,000 years. Carbon isn't the culprit. Be Veg and Save the Planet, we'll try and make it easier by providing delicious and convenient food!

eve said...

(Carbon isn't the main culprit.) I meant to say.

Jen Lilley said...


eve said...

This is good:

eve said...

sorry, you'll have to copy/paste that.